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    Simagchem Corp.

    Simagchem Corp.

    Certified Store
    China Fujian Xiamen

    Catalog No. : XMZX-W16250


    • 67-56-1
    • 25kg/DRUMS
    • 99%
    • China,Xiamen,Siming District
    • 3Day (s)
    Packing :

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    Product Info

    Compound Methanol
    CAS No. 67-56-1 Catalog No. XMZX-W16250 Brand
    Purity 99% Packing 25kg/DRUMS Grade
    Lead Time 3Day (s) Origin Loading Port China,Xiamen,Siming District


    Boiling Point 64.7 ºC
    Stability May decompose on exposure to moist air or water.
    Storage Condition Store at RT.
    Appearance & Physical State Clear, colorless liquid
    Flash Point 12 ºC
    Refractive Index 1.328-1.330
    Density 0.7918 g/cm3
    Melting Point -98 ºC
    Vapor Pressure 97.66mmHg (13.02 kPa, 20 °C)


    Uses Methanol is an important chemical raw material for fine chemicals. Its carbonylation at 3.5 MPa and 180-200° C in the presence of catalyst can produce acetic acid and further produce acetic anhydride. It reacts with syngas to prepare vinyl acetate in the presence of catalyst; reacts with isobutylene to produce tert-butyl methyl ether; prepare dimethyl oxalate through oxidization and carbonylation, and a further hydrogenation to produce ethylene glycol; reacts with toluene under catalyst and simultaneous oxidization to produce phenylethyl alcohol. It can be used as a good solvent, as a pesticide raw material, as an antifreeze agent, as a fuel and fuel additive (this is receiving increasing attention in environmental protection field). It is the main raw material in the preparation of formaldehyde, the raw material in medicine and spices production, a solvent in dyes and paint industries, the raw material in preparation of methanol single cell protein and synthesis of methyl ester.

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    Methanol 99% 1噸,25kg 3 spec 2Day (s) China,Henan
    Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd
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    Shanghai CRM Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd
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    Methanol 98% 10g 3Day (s) China,Henan
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    METHANOL 99% 25kg 1Week (s) China,Fujian
    Luyunjia Chemistry Xiamen Limited
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    Methanol 98% 25kg 1Week (s) China,Chongqing
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    Methanol >97% 10g 10Day (s) China,Zhejiang
    Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd.
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    Methanol 98% 1kg 7Day (s) China,Zhejiang
    Hangzhou Bingochem Co., Ltd.
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    67-56-1 99% 1kg 3Day (s) China,Shanghai
    Shanghai Tianqi Chemical Limited
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    Methanol 98% 1噸,1kg 3 spec IN STOCK China,Shanghai
    Shanghai T&W Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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