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    Simagchem Corp.

    Simagchem Corp.

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    China Fujian Xiamen

    Catalog No. : XMZX-W7551

    Aluminum hydroxide

    • 21645-51-2
    • 25kg/DRUMS
    • 99%
    • China,Xiamen,Siming District
    • 3Day (s)
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    Product Info

    Compound aluminium hydroxide
    CAS No. 21645-51-2 Catalog No. XMZX-W7551 Brand
    Purity 99% Packing 25kg/DRUMS Grade
    Lead Time 3Day (s) Origin Loading Port China,Xiamen,Siming District


    Stability Stable. Incompatible with strong bases.
    Storage Condition Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
    Appearance & Physical State white amorphous powder
    Water Solubility insoluble
    Density 2.4
    Melting Point 300ºC


    Uses 1. Chemical raw materials

    Aluminum hydroxide has many advantages including large-scale production, adequate raw materials, high product purity and good solubility in acid. Therefore, aluminum hydroxide can be used as an important raw material for the preparation of aluminum salts, such as barium aluminate, aluminum sulfate and so on.

    2. Flame retardants

    Aluminum hydroxide powder is commonly regarded as an ideal flame retardant filler for plastics, unsaturated polyester, rubber and other organic polymers because of its filling, flame retardant and smoke-eliminating functions and non-toxic property. Flame retardant mechanism of aluminum hydroxide is as follows: when the temperature exceeds 200 ℃, the aluminum hydroxide begin to perform endothermic decomposition and release three crystal water, and its decomposition rate reaches the largest at 250℃.

    This reaction is a strong endothermic reaction, thereby inhibiting the polymer temperature rise, reducing its decomposition rate and only producing water vapor, not generating toxic and harmful gases.

    3. Ceramics

    Aluminum hydroxide can transform into alumina, which has high thermal chemical stability, thermal strength, creep resistance and dielectric properties and low thermal expansion coefficient. Alumina is an important material for the synthesis of ceramics. In the process of ceramic synthesis, we can control the phase formation of the composite by aluminum hydroxide activation and crystallization process controlling.

    4. Sewage treatment

    Aluminum hydroxide exists in water mainly in form of Al(OH)4-, which can precipitate toxic heavy metals in sewage by coprecipitation method to achieve the effect of water purification after further filter. Aluminum hydroxide has a high specific surface area, and can adsorb colloid, suspended solids, dyes and organic substances in sewage on its surface.

    5. Medicine

    Aluminum hydroxide can neutralize gastric acid and is non-toxic, for which it is always used as the traditional medicine for the treatment of stomach. The aluminum hydroxide as adjuvant can also improve the immunogenicity of the vaccine, the action mechanism of which is as follows: aluminum hydroxide adsorbs antigen on its surface to allow the antigen slow release so that it can play the role of extending efficacy.

    6. Catalyst carrier

    In the preparation of aluminum hydroxide, we can obtain various target products with diffrernt surface area, pore volume, pore structure and crystal structure by controlling the temperature, concentration and pH of the reactants, which can be effectively used as a catalyst carrier for the hydrogenation of unsaturated carbonyl compounds and the preparation of fullerenes and the like.

    7. Paper industry

    Aluminum hydroxide has high whiteness, ultrafine particle size as well as complete crystal form, and has a strong compatibility with brightening agent. Aluminum hydroxide, as an additive coating and resin, can effectively improve the whiteness, opacity, smoothness and ink absorption of coated paper.

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    Aluminum hydroxide

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